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Dell NU209 Battery for PowerEdge Servers, RAID, U8735

$ 58.00

This OEM genuine Dell Part replaces the PERC RAID Controller Battery on Dell PowerEdge Servers.

The battery is a direct replacement for failed PERC batteries on Dell PowerEdge 1950, 2900 and 2950 Servers.

The Dell NU209 Battery is often referenced as a Dell U87535, UF302 or PU968 battery and also as Dell XJ547, 312-0448, FR463 and Dell DFJRV battery.

This item includes battery only without cable. Includes 90-day warranty. 

Troubleshooting your Dell NU209 Battery

During POST, the RAID controller may present the message:

Memory/Battery problems were detected. The adapter has recovered but cache data may be lost. Press any key to continue.

A failed PERC battery will show a warning symbol in OpenManage Server Administrator. To perform battery maintenance or determine if the battery is faulty, start a manual "Learn Cycle" which will discharge and recharge the NU209 battery. If the warning message persists through multiple "Learn Cycles," the battery may need to be replaced.


Replacing the NU209 Battery

To remove the faulty battery:

  1. Disconnect the cable between the battery and the PowerEdge controller board. (Fig. 3-17)
  2. Press down and to the left on the battery carrier to release from chassis.
  3. Relocate guides on battery carrier to remove battery.

To Install a replacement NU209 Battery:

  1. Place battery into battery carrier.
  2. Connect battery carrier to chassis and connect RAID cable to daughter board. Make sure the carrier is aligned and nested within chassis slots.


Dell NU209 Battery Compatibility

With PowerEdge Servers

1950 2970 C2100 R200 R310 R410 R510 R515
R610 R710 R715 R805 R810 R815 R900 R905
R910 T105 T300 T410 T605 T610 1900 1950
2900 2950 2970 840 6850 II R310


With PowerVault

NX300 NX1950

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