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Dell Rebuilt Power Supply for Optiplex GX745, GX755

$ 68.00

This power supply has been rebuilt with higher quality capacitors that resist the overheating issue found in the GX745 and GX755 systems.

The Dell MH300, KH620 power supplies come with a 90 day warranty.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Power: 275 Watt
  • Input Voltage: 100-127V 6A, 200-240V 3A
  • Input Frequency: 47-63Hz
  • Output: +5V 18A, +3.3V 5A, +12V 17A, -12V 0.5A, +5VFP 4A, 5V & 3.3V SHALL NOT EXCEED 106W



Diagnosing Dell MH300 and KH620 Power Supplies

To Diagnose your Optiplex Power Supply, push the Power Supply Check Button (2). If the check light does not display green, the power supply is not functioning. Continue by:

  1. Removing all external devices from computer except for the power cable.

  2. Push check button and If the light displays solid green, reattach peripheral devices and recheck until the light does not display green to isolate problem.

  3. If the light remains off with all external devices connected, disconnect the AC power cable and discharge any static electricity on the computer chassis.

  4. Check to make sure all cables are seated properly.

  5. Start by isolating and testing the power supply itself. Disconnect the power supply, reconnect AC power cable and check the power supply light.

  6. If the light displays green, reconnect leads to power supply while testing each individual component until the light goes off.

  7. If the light still does not display green, remove and replace your Optiplex Power Supply with a rebuilt model.

For information on removing your Dell Optiplex 960 Power Supply, See Dell's knowledge base article.

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